Red Riding Hood

Here is the story of Little Red Riding Hood I created using Adobe Pages.
This was another terrible project to do. If I had more time and money then I could probably do​ a better job.
My laptop broke down over the weekend, so I was stuck using Pixar as an alternative. I hate using Pixar it is very limiting to the ideas I had. I think when using adobe page, having the same dimensions​ for every picture would be beneficial​. The best I could do with using Pixar​ was keeping the images the tone, which was, black and white, very low lighting, not much color to depict​ the gloomy parts of Little Red Riding Hood. The last picture of the cottage was meant to represent grandma’s​ cottage, and I kept it in color to signify the ‘light of the end if the tunnel’ feeling Red riding hood would feel after an encounter with the big bad wolf.
If I was able to use my laptop that has photoshop, I would have had better edits, that was more of my editing style. I can’t​ really see myself using Adobe page ever again, I don’t​ really see its purpose of using it. I can see it being used as a fancy slide show for your precious memories/